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This is the day we celebrate hotdogs and drunken behavior...er...our independence.


For real, I'm not into the grilled foods and drinks as much as I am into just having a peaceful day, being happy to have a lot of freedoms others don't have.  I'm not saying I've never had a debaucherous July 4th; likely I have.  However, being from a place where history is apparent and everywhere, annnnnnnnd battles for our freedom were fought on that soil, I can't ignore that this is a special day that is more than fireworks and wearing a slutty flag bikini. 


My usual tradition (if I had the day off work) was to bike the Minuteman Trail from Cambridge to Bedford, and then on to Concord, to start my day.  I have no idea what I'll do today but I'm hoping it's peaceful.  For those of you in the office or stuck inside by the laptop, here are some pretty pictures inspired by The 4th of July...



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